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John Doe

“About me” pages have the ability to engage and inform your site visitors in a personal and friendly way. For web professionals, our “About me” page can be critical in establishing a true connection with potential clients, and it can set us apart from a sea of other designers and developers.

For different types of websites, keep in mind that the About page could be structured differently. For example, an About page for a blog or news site can be vastly different when compared to the same page for a portfolio website.


Things you should consider sharing:


  • List your skills – What kinds of things are you good at? People won’t know unless you tell them.
  • Share what kind of education you have – Be sure to tell people about what you know and whether you went to College, Institute, or a Technical School. What
  • Offer your name – It’s obvious, but some people still don’t do it. If you want to protect your identity you can create an online only alias that you use for everything.
  • Keep the information up to date – Update your page frequently. Got a new skill you’ve learned? Share it!
  • Offer your location – This one can be very arguable. Don’t literally list you address, just the city you’re from. If you are a professional agency however, you should list your address.
  • Include a photo of yourself – This is completely optional and self explanatory.  Obviously if you run a business, a professional picture with a business suit is very proper. I don’t think people want to see you doing a keg stand.
  • Be personal and friendly – Be yourself not a robot!
  • Keep it professional – If you run a business be very clear, descriptive, and accurate on the info you provide.
  • Consider adding a video – This one is very web 2.0 ish. You could in theory describe yourself and let people know who you are.
  • Call to action – Consider listing social networks were people can connect with you like Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.
  • Be Honest – Don’t ever lie about anything, sooner or later people will find out the truth.

Now that you have some knowledge about an about me page, here are some of the best examples for your inspiration!

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